Sunday, 24 April 2016




Hi Jack here, just called Carla Cooper over

to see our new joint, but all she talk about was the factory being to close.

I settled down to read and Brittany was skilling from a book and Carla just sat there watching us

she even corned me after i had a shower

eventually Brittany said goodbye. I think otherwise she would have been all night long.

I like to start my day off with a jog

then some breakfast. Brittany has found herself a job so she is there today. I haven't found mine yet.

I decided to try and get a wishing well from the garden club

they insected but it didn't have growing vegetables.

but when Brittany came home we both wanted to work on skills.

a quick jog

and a cuddle from Brittany before she goes to work

and a meal just for me.

Look i am so bored i have learnt to juggle, still haven't my dream job yet

i have been cooking and reading so much, that i got invite to Sue's Secret Kitchen

Brittany had the day off today so we spend most

in bed.

we are trying for a baby and i hope one day

Brittany will be pregnant

maybe that was the time it happened. I feel so go about myself.

I had a surprise for Brittany and got

down on one knee and proposed

and she said yes

she nearly knocked me over with that hug

my grandmother told me not to be rat to Brittany

and they got on so well too

Grandma gave me hug and a congratulations too.

I hope that just nervousness for the wedding

i sit quietly waiting for the guests to arrive

and we got to the alter and Brittany looks beautiful

and happy to be her husband

i shoved the wedding cake down Brittany face and she didn't mind at all

i chatted to Imogen Cooper

and it wasn't nervousness Brittany is pregnant. Hurrah.

Next household is Fowler 7/Cooper 2

(i wasn't going to marry this two unless they wished for it and then realised Jack's mum Kerie Fowler ltw is to marry off six children so they had to get married)

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