Tuesday, 9 February 2016



Hi ally here welcome to our new home, we have all settled in well
Elijah is catching up on a skill

Cassidy is trying to get a logic skill

the four of us did make all for breakfast except for Lexie she had school to go to.

Once Elijah had finished his skilling i took him down to the shop

it is a very small shop but it is doing really well


time to go home and rest

Megan has a couple of days of work so she building up her body skill

i have now opened up my second business

and it a flower shop much bigger than the other one

and now have to as a another top ten business.

I have decided to a have few days off from the shop

catch up with few friends and families. And buy a new shop

Pet store and pet toys

and up to Rank 7

Megan is doing really well in her ltw

and Cassidy too

and even Lexie is having a great time at school

I have been spending a lot of time with Elijah but he has a new hobby

Gardening, well two hobbies

and playing the guitar.

Elijah managed to catch up with Lisa and her Beau Randy Magek

oh yes and we are having another baby.

I think Megan got annoyed with me about something or other

but it wasn't long until

twins were here a boy called Jacob

and a girl called Emily

and then Lexi turn to have a birthday

but i don't have any close pictures of as a teen. Popularity/family 20 best friends.

and a few days later with was the twins turn

Emily looking gorgeous in a yellow dress

and Jacob in a little tux and the toddler skills begin.

I took Ally for some clothes shopping

at Amelia's closet but also looking for another business.

Elijah has reaced a silver gardening badge but had to

go to work.

Lexi was talking to much older man not sure about that, he wasn't known by the family.

and the mess continues

Cassidy is trying to get more logic points, don't worry little Emily was safe she didn't fall in.

But i think Oliver Cooper was upset and thought Cassidy was spying on him again.

Lexi keeps playing her dad's guitar

but she still does studying for school.

next household Fowler 3


  1. I really like Lexie's outfit. Congrats on all the business success so far.

  2. I like the outfit too. Surprise twins for Ally.

  3. Two businesses down 3 to go. and managed to work in a new baby too!