Sunday, 7 February 2016




Hi Oliver here, just had to move into another new house, as the one you you couldn't go up and down the stairs.

We sent kids off to school and Carla and I both went off to work

don't worry Carla isn't in any trouble she got a 
 lift home from a friend

and got the food on before all the tribe arrive home

I helped Imogen with her Homework

and Imogen made a friend in Stephen Fowler.

The kids got up early and played in Imogen's room

and with each other

and a very slow day.

Imogen brought a friend from school

and to celebrate Oliver Jnr Birthday

we all cheered

and my little boy

has turned into a teenager - Knowledge/popular - chief of staff

then we start to eat and Imogen's little friend Cassidy Fowler (i think)
talked about aliens.

I have reached the top of my ltw and now would like to become a Criminal Mastermind. Morning are quite hectic.

Now the Oliver Jnr is a teenager he arrives home before anybody else

he brought Lilly Lee at home from school not sure i want two teenagers alone at home.

Imogen was talking to Carla about this new games console

and then wanted to play outside for a while

but Carla said she would swing her for a while

Oliver Jnr was looking through the telescope and
then just disappeared. I was bit frantic and i heard a noise earlier in the morning

and saw a spaceship outside

and dropped of Oliver Jnr on the ground

he said he didn't want to talk about it at all.

Oliver Jnr brought home

Lily Lee with him again

and got his first kiss

Oliver Jnr wanted to get into Private school

We cooked dinner

schmoozed and tried to serve coffee but he wasn't interested and we didn't get in.

Imogen had invited Cassidy Fowler over i chatted to Carla waiting

for the taxi to take Oliver Jnr and i

to go to the bowling

together but some teenager girl hang around

with us for a little while

and then we got something to eat.

Carla and Imogen get a little competitive when playing games

Imogen will probably get better

as we now have another

teenager in the house Knowledge - Media Magnate

and that's us for this week. Oops forgot to say that Oliver Jnr went off to University and missed Imogen birthday.



  1. Nice job with a met LTW already. The kids look great as teens.

  2. Woowoo abduction! Hey that is a special Uni scholarship!

  3. Yep he got his special scholarship. yeah a few are getting there LTW soon.