Wednesday, 8 June 2016




Hi Sam Senior here, just trying to get a bit of my health back

and i have even got invite to a special gym

It is still a bit chaotic in this household

but now Isla off to college one less person to worry about i mean, you know what i mean.

she sent this pic not sure about the outfit hope she finds something else to wear.

but life still has to go on.

Kerie still goes out to work, we just have our oldest

Sam and our youngest at home at the moment and a few other family members.

James is a good boy and now most of his sister and brothers have left home, he has to take care of his niece too.

and also still has time for his grandmother

she tries to be hands on but her age is getting to her

but she can still beat me on the basket court

and their also gave her special gym pass too.

James is doing well at school

and another birthday to celebrate

Sammi  has her fifth birthday

wow she looks all grown up.

We are still a very busy household

people coming and going

learning how to do homework

James likes the ladies alot

and seems to have lots of fun too

and had his first kiss too.

Mum keeps herself very busy still, she likes to play musical instruments

and got a special plague for it too.

and she also plays the drums too

I think my mum too old for punch you punch me, she didn't like it very much.

Seems we have another grandchild on the way.

Maybe one day me and Kerie should get away just have some time to ourselves

as the house is always busy

James brought home another girl today

they got on really well

they said they only chatted in bed not sure if i want to believe them

as they made the bed before they came down stairs again.

Sammi played with her great grandma after school

she asked her to swing around

and grandmas is always up for a challenge

but sadly it was too much for her

and she died, but very happy and well loved Grandma.

but that didn't stop James from meeting new girls

Samuel Jnr and Allyn chatted to Sammi about her great-grandma death

but it is not like vidoe games Samuel said when you can play them over and over.

but she was still very sad about it.

but life still has to go on and it did

Sammi missed her great-grandma but didn't mind playing on her own

James had another date with the same teenager

and seemed to get on well

and i have another

wait for it

Grandson (forgot to write his name down)

next household is Fowler 2.

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