Thursday, 16 June 2016



JACK: Hall of Famer ltw
BRITTANY: 200 Grilled Cheese

Hi Jack here

Brittany and I brought a vacation home

Brittany couldn't travel because she was pregnant so i went

over there to decorate the place and see the place

I don't know what happened i met one of the locals and we just clicked

I also went to the ruins to have a quick look

and i invited the locals over for something to eat

but i couldn't help myself i had to have her.

Poor Brittany was all alone at home.

When i got back from vacation

Brittany was asleep

but when she woke up we cuddled

and kissed. 

I can't seem to help myself lately i called

a friend over, it was meant to be innocent chat

but she made my heart flutter though she left

Before Brittany came home from work

But it wasn't long until Brittany labour started

and i have, sorry we have a daughter Sophie

she is beautiful

But Brittany is the love of my life

and always will be.

I couldn't help myself i called my friend over

and we misbehaved on the couch

and i just got her out the door before Brittany came home

I love my family i do but i have this other urges.

Now my daughter Sophie is turning 1.

and she is as pretty as her mum

but sometimes listening to grilled cheese is boring

but i try and sweet talk my wife into doing other things.

Brittany is a great mother, she plays

she teaches potty training

and nursery rhymes.

but hates leaving her with the nanny.

but our family is expanding.

sat was a quiet day for us

Brittany and I watched the boxing

while Sophie played on her activity table.

I have made my dream to became a Hall of Famer (new ltw 20 lovers)

it was time to celebrate Sophie's birthday

wow she has grown big

but she seems shy in front of the camera

she even changed her hair style but wouldn't look at the camera

Brittany ate some more grilled cheese

while i talk to my Uma Cooper

we talked about poker

then i heard a noise Brittany had gone into labour

and we have our son Alfie.

next household is Fowler 7.

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