Wednesday, 15 June 2016




Hi Randy here, just having some breakfast

Lisa is still working on her second LTW

and the children are growing up

James asked Poppy when she is getting married.

Poppy does have a part time job too

and James brought home a A report card

so i let him play some games to reward him.

Poppy has told everyone she is gay as long as she is happy than i am happy for her

This is Dagmar Toyonga

it seemed to go well, but you never know with Poppy what will happen.

It won't be long until James is a teenager, and Lisa hopes he grows up well

I had a go on Lisa fitness bike, not sure i liked the outfit i was told to wear.

My babies working hard at their homework

and Lisa has taken up astrology.

Poppy brought home another friend from school Chandler Platz

but Lisa and discuss James birthday cake

time for James Birthday

and now

into the stroppy teenager stage.
Romance/Family Celebrity Chef.

James brought home a girl from school Sadie Tenyck

they ate together

and watched some tv

James asked her for a date but she turned

him down she likes ladies, she told him

like his sister Poppy

they got on really well

it a shame that James liked the girl too.

We told the children that we are going away after

Poppy has gone to college

and that James had to behave himself

We went up to Three Lakes

and had lots of fun

we did log rolling

Lisa won

I met this fellow

i thought he was rather nice

but i think

he stole my wallet

But Lisa comforted me in the Hot tub.

James met a girl

i think her name was is Juilette (can't read my own writing)

he gave her a rose he told us when were spoke to him on the phone

But we were having a whale of a time at Three lakes

It wasn't certainly nice to get away.

But not to found out the your youngest boy

lost his virginity while we where away and in our bed too.
When we get home that boy will be grounded.

Next household is Fowler 5

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