Thursday, 16 June 2016




Hi William here, i am just a child but they want me to chat about what gone on this week, this is our dog cymmi

and my noisy sister Ava

i think i was the phone to a friend

mummy works

but i do love to cuddle her

Daddy played with Ava

and then he tried mending something

and he got leocuted

he was fine and gave the doggies a bath and Ava followed him

and i did some skipping.

I don't like mornings

but Ava doesn't care she love to cuddle the dog

and i greet mummy from her work

and now Ava is going to be the same size as me

i didn't like her cake no superheros on it

she has red hair though.

i went to play with my dad

and he swung me around.

See Ava got the dogs under her thumb

mummy and daddy were getting silly with each other

and then talked about grilled cheese

and then kissed and sent

Ava and I out into the garden to play catch

and they went upstairs.

We eat alot of grilled cheese in this house. it's mummy's favourite

it's spring time and

mummy says we have to look after the garden again

but she stopped to play catch with Ava

and Daddy cleared up the garden instead

and mummy sang to daddy she is funny.

Mummy called her friend Poppy over

to celebrate my birthday

i am going to be a teenager

Look at me, i now offical a big boy

Poppy stayed to celebrate with Grilled Cheese

while i got on with my homework

and my dad wanted to play with the dogs. It was a bit distracting.

Ava wanted to play but i had do some shopping

at Sims wired mum and dad had given me some money for a cellphone

and i had lunch at the restaurant too. I felt so grown up

I also wanted to find a nice girl too

so I called the matchmaker and paid lots of money to and

this lovely lady came along she is called Yevette Kimbrell

i think she is really sweet (3 bolts)

I even managed to get

first kiss luckily

Ava didn't see she was busy with the telescope.

My aunty Allyn and Uncle Samuel came over to visit

we called out the repairman to fix our dishwasher and they also got electrocuted.

next household is Fowler 6

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