Tuesday, 5 January 2016



Hi Gracie here, my nails need doing.

I have a loving family but i am nearly exhausted all the time, making sure the toddlers are well fed and

teenagers are kept happy and busy

and fed too.

I had this strange phone call about college for Samuel, they wanted him to start straight away so

he gave me handshake goodbye and went off to college.

my other two teenagers were a bit young for college

but still have plenty of time to have friends over though

but once their friends had gone home i made sure their did their homework

I even managed to potty train both the toddlers too.

but know and then sometimes i had to leave them a little bit longer in their cot then i would have liked.

Megan was very helpful and helped a lot when i was asleep, but she going through changes at the moment.

and she is attracted to girls, which is very confusing for her but as long as she is happy, then go for it.

Elijah is a very friendly person and invited complete strangers into our house.

but she behaved ok and talked about kissing.

she even stayed for tea.

It is time for the youngest to became children.

next is Samuel Fowler at University,
and then we will have part two of the Fowler's after Samuel University.


  1. It's a real contrast from the Cooper household! Lots going on though and kids in Uni already. :)

  2. A nice family. Any reason you decided to sent Samuel earlier than the others?