Saturday, 16 January 2016




Hi Carla here, we have moved back to Oliver's old house

it is going to be funny just the two of us, instead of loads of people roaming around at all times of the day.

but i need to clean up the yard as you can see it is our wedding day.

Oliver doesn't have any family nor do i so we just invited our friends from college.

the ceremony was lovely and everybody looked smart

the wedding was perfect

and the cake was lovely too even

Oliver shoved some into my mouth.

but then he cut me a piece

and we ate together as man and wife.

we also had a slow dance too

and then we went back had some more cake and chatted away to our friends

we also topped it off by trying for a baby too.

We both wanted to have our portrait done for our walls

Luckily Oliver and I are very good at painting and we didn't need to get someone in to do them.

I think we maybe pregnant

Elijah Fowler just comes in without knocking and waltz down at out chess table

Yes we are going to have a baby.

Oliver still hasn't got a job yet he looks everyday. I got my dream job the first time i looked.

Sometimes i get a little frustrated with Oliver but i think it is my hormones

but we still managed chat about other things.

I certainly have started to eat a lot in this pregnancy

and it is getting colder at night too.

We had our first blanket of snow and Oliver couldn't wait

to go out and make

a lovely snowman. 

I woke up in the night with terrible pains

i don't know how long it it lasted

but it was agony and

one push and out popped

Our baby son Oliver Junior.

Oliver Senior was delighted to have his first child a boy

but he didn't like the toy we put him in.

but we certainly tried again for another one.

My job is going well, Oliver still hasn't found his so he looks after our son, at least we don't have to hire a nanny to look after the baby.

Elijah Fowler was waiting outside

I greeted him with a big kiss, i know i shouldn't

Oliver doesn't even suspected a thing happened between us

as they are still very good friends.

time for Oliver to have his first birthday

He certainly looks like me and Oliver put together.

we took turns on training Oliver Jnr his toddler skills

Next household Fowler 1.