Wednesday, 27 January 2016



Hi Elijah here, just giving my girl a cuddle

Ally looks after her while at work. But she has decided to open her business

and hired a nanny for Lexie

It is a very small business

and she was the only staff at the beginning

but she came home very late

so i took care of Lexie for her while she was asleep, i had a couple days off from work so it didn't matter.

Megan was home from work too so we took it turns

but i think she is going to have trouble with Lisa

she is now a teenager - romance 20 lovers at the same time.

I think she had an eye on Joe Carr, i think she is a little too young for him.

Ally doesn't spend every minute at the shop, she does try and make time for Lexie

and Lisa too.

and now that Lexie is a child

she will be able to go to her shop while Lexie is at school

Megan is also very good with Lexie too.

Ally did go down to the shop

and hired a couple of people so she could concentrate on selling the stock

Lisa brought home her childhood friend Randy Majek

and their chatted

but it wasn't long until she had her first kiss, at least it was someone from her own age.

I think Lexie was excited about her first day at school but i think Lisa was a little bit occupied.

but she went inside and watch the tv Cassidy kept her eye on her instead.

Ally was bombarding Randy about what food he like to eat

as her favourite food is Grilled Cheese.

he escaped upstairs to find Lisa

and found comfort in her arms

the next day she brought home Phoenix Aren

Megan was in the kitchen

and Lisa and Phoenix was kissing.

I still have time for my wife

otherwise the partnership will go stale

We had my friend Oliver Cooper over

but i don't think he got on well with Cassidy he made her cry.

Lisa is getting ready for college

and this the last picture i took as they couldn't get down the stairs this way or the other way.
so I had to move them on the friday. But had another pictures for the week. But all the houses got glitched so all families have moved again. Lisa has gone to college.

next household is Fowler 3