Monday, 4 January 2016



Hi Oliver here, i live here on my own sadly mum passed away just after i turned 12, and the social workers say if i can look after myself, which i can, I can look after myself in my own house. I already now how to do the washing up.

I also looked for a job i have applied for a few, and lets see which one i get.

I also had a visitor too Gracie Fowler, but she didn't stay for long she has young/and teenagers to care for.

I also wanted to get into private school so i called the headmaster and he came straight away 

i can only cook spaghetti but i think the headmaster liked it.

he also wanted to talk about shoes. Do you want to know if i got in or not

I did. Clever me.

I also met a girl too Carla Chung

she seemed to like to juggle my china too.

but we got on really well.

she even gave me my first kiss it was awesome

we chatted

we flirted

and i squeezed her tight

and she fell in love with me. I am awesome.

I forgot to tell i got a job

but it wasn't for long i got fired on the first day, well i am off to college soon, so i won't apply for another job.

but he did make me a little bit upset.

But i did manage to get my grades to an A+

i cheered for myself, I am awesome.

I even made my friend some Mac and Cheese

he seemed to like it.

Well that's it i am now 16 and can move to college. so i am calling the taxi and i will see you there soon. I am awesome.

Next Fowler's Round one.


  1. Great start, private school is a hard one, especially when you have very little!
    Looking forward to reading the college years. :)

  2. Oh my! It's hard to start with just a teen in the household! Hope he has fun in college!

  3. You seem to have done well with your single teen. I have two of them, but won't send them to uni until right before they would grow up. :)

  4. Great start, well done on private school.