Wednesday, 6 January 2016






Hi Samuel here or Sam as i like to be called.

college sure is different

there is so many different people that are here.

Even the girls walk around in their underwear Megan never did that at home.

there is plenty to do at the dorms too, there is an easel set up to use whenever we feel like it.

I even met this chap who wanted to be my best friend Komei Kool

he had to talk about all the unpacking that he had done

He showed me his room and the stupid mascot was doing a little dance

and then Komei started flirting with me, i was a little bit embarrassed but flattered at the same time.

and then i realised he was hot to and the stupid mascot left too.

but came back to me have my first kiss with Komei, i think the mascot was cheering too.

i think i have something that draws this stupid mascot to me.

but i also have work to do. I have chosen to do the drama major.and got an A and 4.0.


I love how everybody has a good time

i even hanged out in some guy's room

but sometimes i like to have my own company too.

i even met a girl that i am attracted too

I flirted with her and name is Kerie Kwa

and we had a good time just chatting.
Drama 3.8 B+


They do say that college is meant to be the most fun time of your life

so why waste on doing homework or term papers

i am having a ball, playing around

with guys and with

a girl.

we even go to full blown make out sessions now

and i seem to really like it.

Even Komei is cool with it too.

i even played a silly prank with the sprinklers

but got soaking wet.

i really love spending time with Kerie

she is so enjoyable.

but not doing so well in college though my grades have slipped to a C and 3.0 and if go any lower i  will be put on academic probation.


I am on Academic probation. i was talking to Komei about it, and he said i should call over my family and tell them

so I did, mum was a little upset but she said hopefully i will pull my grades up if i work hard

i talked to Megan she says just have fun but that is what i thought too

but i tried to get that extra body skill

i even went rolling skating too.

i talk to a lot of people now this my friend

and a little bit more.

But Kerie seems to have a special place in my heart, we went all the way

I was telling another dormie, that women are so different to men like night and day.

so i decided to pop the question

and what did she say

well  she did say yes but the cafeteria cook started a fire.

well i didn't past my last final exam so i have been expelled.  I will go back home with  my tail between my legs and see what i can do.

Notes; Unless their wish to obtain any skill points,  i don't make them do them. The same with their term paper, if their don't have the wish to do it, then they don't.

next Fowler part 2


  1. I usually make them learn their needed skills and then don't make them do anything else they don't want to. This time around I've been a slave driver. I don't know if it will last though.

    It could be a bad sign if your marriage proposal is interrupted by a fire. Hopefully they'll be happy together.

  2. oh you are good not making them skill or do papers. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to getting their grades, lol.

  3. I think it's almost harder to play like you. I always try and make sure my sims are successful in uni. Although we will see if I keep that up in Clovercrest...and Megalahood once I get there.

  4. :) Wow what a Uni round! heh