Friday, 8 January 2016



Gracie Fowler  42
Samuel Fowler 20
Elijah Fowler 16
Megan Fowler 16
Mia Fowler 7
Logan Fowler 7

Hi Gracie here, Mia and Logan have grown into children

that didn't want to a lot to eat after all that cake

I brought them a climbing wall and some monkeys buys for a present

I walked around the corner and Samuel was there,

Mia was a little surprised to see him the morning. She just stared at him for a while.

but then she got dressed and talked to Samuel about films.

Logan enjoyed the climbing wall that was put into the garden

Samuel told me about his plans to make some money with help of some good friends.

the children had invited some friends over and Samuel invited his fiancée Kerie over too.

i had quickly send them all home i had the headmaster visiting

and enjoyed the tour and the food. And all the kids got into Private School

a friend of mine invited me on outing with a group of friends, we went to this open air restuarant

It was nice to get out and about with adults for a change

and we had a really nice time hope to do it again sometime.

I even helped the younger ones with their homework

it was hard work.

With a little bit of saved money Samuel opened a tiny little store

But is doing really well.

Megan and Elijah are off to University

i said my goodbyes When they have finished their will be living in their own house.

next university.


  1. I'm glad Samuel's business is doing well, he's working hard since he left Uni. :)

  2. Nice to see everyone doing so well. You go through uni fast. I can't play it in all one sitting. :)